Thirty-nine arrested for allegedly violating environmental laws in Ondo

As many as 39 people were arrested in Akure on Saturday for violating environmental laws in Ondo, according to the state’s waste management authority.

Ondo State Waste Management Authority chief executive Ayo Adeyemo gave the figure at the end of the April edition of the monthly Environmental Sanitation in the State.

Ms Adeyemo said each of the alleged perpetrators was given appropriate fines depending on the nature of the offence.

According to her, the suspects were arrested at different places in the Akure metropolis.

She said the exercise was also overseen by state environment commissioner Sunday Akinwalere.

The general manager called on the people of Ondo to make environmental sanitation a daily matter to prevent disease.

She said: “Anyone who breaks environmental laws will be punished appropriately.”

Some of the monitored areas include Oyemekun Road, Oja Oba (Adedeji Market), Adegbola and Ilesha Motor Park.

At Ilesha Motor Park, Ms Adeyemo encouraged fleet management to get approved bins and avoid indiscriminate dumping of rubbish.