Online training on understanding environmental laws for better environmental management

India has a comprehensive system of regulations to protect its natural environment and the health of its people. Since the promulgation of the Water Act in 1974, a number of laws and regulations have been put into effect in this regard. However, the objectives sought by these laws are far from being achieved for various reasons. One of the questions that arises is that of a holistic understanding of the different laws and how they should be considered in a concerted way for better environmental management.

Considering the need to fill the gaps, the Center for Science and the Environment is organizing a 12-day online training course on “Understanding Environmental Law to Improve Environmental Management”.

Course objective
This 12-day online course has been designed to enable people working in the field of the environment and would-be environmentalists with the aim of developing a better understanding and knowledge of the laws and their interrelationships. This course will also be beneficial for students who aspire to develop their career in the environmental field.

The course will be delivered using technological learning tools such as presentations, videos, discussions with experts and reading material.

Learn from the program

  • Better understanding of the country’s environmental governance structure, key institutions and their implementation statistics;
  • Learn about the laws and rules of waste management, forest and wildlife, air, water and environmental protection law;
  • Increased understanding of industry and individual obligations under various environmental laws and regulations and how to meet those obligations;
  • Role of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), Environmental Tribunals and Public Interest Litigation (PIL);
  • Understanding International Treaties and Agreements The Indian government agrees with the impact of non-compliance with these agreements on business.

Course format
The online course will be based on self-study in which recorded expert sessions, presentations and reading material will be uploaded to the training platform for participants to study. The training portal has a dedicated discussion forum where any questions can be posted and answered by the experts. Additionally, live online sessions will be held with experts for Q&A and other discussions. The course is designed to help participants take this course alongside their regular work and study the course material at their convenience.

For any questions, please contact:

Ishita Garg
Training Coordinator
Email: [email protected]