Karnataka Government Amends Some Laws For Bhovis’ Welfare

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Monday that the state government would amend relevant laws to ensure members of the Bhovi community do not face harassment or legal complications when working as stonemasons, their traditional profession.

While releasing the remembrance at the 60th Shivayogi Sri Siddarameshwara Car Festival and 20th Siddarameshwara Swamiji Smaranotsava at the premises of Shivayoga Mandir, organized by Bhovi Gurupeeta, he said, “Stone carving has been the traditional occupation of the community Bhovi. occupation have faced legal issues and harassment from officials due to environmental laws in recent years. »

“In order to find a permanent solution to this, I have decided to change the laws at the next session of the Assembly to ensure that those who cut stones manually within the framework of traditional occupation can do so without any obstacle.”

Hailing the traditional occupation, he said, “Without you (the Bhovi community) cutting stones, it is not possible to build roads, build temples, dams or carry out any construction activity. You contribute to the progress of the country. take appropriate measures so that your traditional occupation is not disturbed under any circumstances.”

Stating that “we are in an era of knowledge”, he advised the young people of the community to do well in studies and achieve great heights in all fields.

“In the past people who had vast acres of land were considered powerful, and later people with money became strong. So the British ruled India for many years. But now ,knowledge is power.Many people from the oppressed classes including the Bhovi community have achieved good academic results and studied in reputed educational institutes like IIT.It shows that they can work wonders if they can.

Quoting the chief minister’s principal secretary, Manjunath Prasad N, who is from the Bhovi community, Bommai said he was the living example. “When I had the opportunity to choose an IAS officer as my principal secretary, I chose Manjunath because he knows the woes of the oppressed classes. ‘opportunity.”

He also said the government had sanctioned a grant of Rs 107 crore for the community. “I can release the Rs 100 crore grant as chief minister. But those who work on the streets are the real nation builders. The bottom of the pyramid are the movers and shakers of the economy.”

The CM further stated that Siddarameshwara Jayanti should become a daily festival and not once a year. “It must be a daily festival across Karnataka to make the state Kalyana Karnataka. Siddarameshwara had attempted to reform the society through his vachanas along with others like Basavanna in the 12th century.”

Minister in Charge of District BA Basavaraj, Minister of Health D Sudhakar, Honnali MLA MP Renukacharya, Former Ministers Shivaraj Tangadagi, Aravind Limbavali, Chitradurga Based Murugha Mutt Seer Murugha Shivamurthy Sharana, Madara Gurupeeta Seer Basavamurthy Madara Chennaiah Swamiji, Kaginele Kanaka Gurupeeta Seer Niranjananandapuri Swamiji, Veerashaiva-Lingayat Panchamasali Peeta Seer Vachanananda Swamiji and others were present on the occasion.

Bhovi Gurupeeta leader Immadi Siddarameshwara graced the occasion.