Government seals 2 companies for breaking environmental laws

The Ogun State government sealed off two companies, Build Well Plants and Equipments Limited and Katchey Laboratories for building over a government canal and floodplain, causing excessive flooding and other environmental violations in their immediate communities. .

The Environment Commissioner, Mr. Ola Oresanya ordered the sealing of the companies after an on-site assessment visit to the communities of Magada, Redstar, Wemabod and Sparklight OPIC Estate where the companies committed environmental offenses in the Magboro region of the State’s Obafemi-Owode Local Government.

While Buildwell Plants and Equipments Limited was found guilty of building over a government canal and fencing it inside their compound, Katchey Laboratories filled a floodplain with sand and also fenced it in, causing thus excessive flooding in the four communities.

In sealing the companies, the commissioner said the state government will not bend their hands and look at the irresponsible and man-made environmental infractions by the two companies that have affected the well-being of residents of the communities. .

“It’s disgusting to see Buildwell with structures built over the government canals and more annoying is his sinking of fencing off the canal within his enclosure while Katchey filled a floodplain with sand and fenced it in regardless of the environmental impact it will have on the property and the living conditions it will have on thousands of nearby residents, particularly flooding”.

“The state government will not tolerate these offenses as a responsible government, the welfare of our people comes before the pecuniary gains of a few individuals, because any business that harms the welfare of our people will see our other side” Oresanya added.

The commissioner further warned other companies that the state government would not tolerate any environmental violations from their side, saying the law would inflict all the ire on them.

To bring immediate relief to the communities, he said the state government will dredge all existing canals in the communities to increase their carrying capacities, while other solutions will also be proposed soon after a meeting of the stakeholders between the state government, representatives of the sealed companies and other companies operating in the areas as well as their various community development associations, ADC to find a lasting solution to the problem.

In response, the Magada Community Chairperson, Mrs. Deborah Olawepo, who spoke on behalf of other communities, thanked the state government for its timely intervention as the action taken will act as a deterrent to others. , which will help minimize flooding problems in communities. now and in the near future.

Wale Oluokun