Google accused the violation of environmental laws to build a new data center

DataCenter Dynamics used data from the Nebraska Examiner resource and told you that last year Google bulldozed two acres of pristine grassland in Omaha, Nebraska, USA in violation of environmental laws. Environmentalists say local land protection law was ignored when it got a quick response to the $750 million bill, and the site was cleared to create a new Google data center.

It is said that the subject of the grassland has not only come up during planning discussions, but with this master plan, which requires the application of measures to protect natural features, such as ravines and gorges, cliffs and grasslands, and some wetlands, etc. , this site has been marked, were some of the topics on the table, said a master plan, as a requirement of the master plan for this purpose. A damage or damage of such areas must be compensated. Two acres of prairie must be restored instead of one acre of lost land.

The city made a big mistake, said environmental activist Glenn Pollock. Pollock has been responsible for conservation efforts in Omaha for thirty years. Unfortunately, after construction began a year ago, the system did not go live until April this year. There are less than ten acres of wild prairie left in Omaha, down from more than twenty in 1980.

It is said that it is important to keep a lot of land in perfect condition because the flora that lives with deep roots is resistant to drought and other adverse conditions. His study will make it possible to develop methods to deal with future droughts. Environmentalists have made similar claims against Microsoft, which was granted permission to cut 2,842 trees in Texas over an area of ​​about 13.4 hectares.

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