Environmental laws not implemented: Meghalaya HC Chief Justice

Meghalaya High Court (HC) Chief Justice – Sanjib Banerjee has emphasized the need for environmental protection and wildlife conservation, and therefore expressed deep concern over the lack of implementation implementation of environmental protection laws.

Addressing an orientation program on forest and wildlife conservation laws organized for the judiciary in Meghalaya, Banerjee noted that “we cannot fight nature and survive. While the earth has existed for more than 4 billion years and man for about 300,000 years, the latter has destroyed more than 3 million species satisfying their needs.

Justice Banerjee said that although there are many laws to protect the environment, they are not put into practice.

However, he stressed the importance of implementing environmental protection laws, while acknowledging the important contributions of the judiciary in matters related to environmental and wildlife conservation.

Highlighting the booming tourism industry in Meghalaya, Banerjee reiterated the need for plans and policies for sustainable growth of the industry, so that the pristine beauty of Meghalaya is not destroyed like other hill stations across the country.

He claimed that human arrogance, triggered by intelligence and advancement, caused individuals to lose their instinct to live in harmony with the natural world.