Environmental Enforcement and Compliance Training for Province of Guadalcanal

Environmental Enforcement and Compliance Training for Province of Guadalcanal

The national government, through the Environment and Conservation Division (ECD) of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM), has initiated workshops training with stakeholders to ensure proper monitoring, compliance and enforcement of the three environmental laws administered. by ECD.

The training workshops aim to improve monitoring, compliance and enforcement and as such, a proactive approach is taken to train relevant environmental enforcement authorities at the community, provincial and national levels. This week on the 4the of these training workshops were organized in Honiara targeting mainly stakeholders from the province of Guadalcanal.

Speaking at the opening of the training workshop, the Honorable Minister of MECDM, Mr. Stanley Festus Sofu (MP), told participants that the environment of the Solomon Islands is rich in biodiversity, unique and precious . Our forests, rivers and oceans provide essential ecosystem goods and services to our livelihoods and the country’s economy.

Hon. Sofu said that with the country’s growing population, consumerism and poor environmental practices evident, especially in the extractive industries, the country now faces serious threats from issues such as plastic waste, illegal fishing, unregulated wildlife trade and harvesting, and even climate change. to name a few.

He further stated that the unsustainable exploitation of our forest resources, coupled with poor environmental practices in the mining sector, is of serious concern to the ministry and the country as a whole. The 2019 State of the Environment Report clearly showed that environmental degradation is common in areas that host or have hosted extractive economic activities.

Considering the environmental issues facing the country, Minister Sofu said he was pleased that the participants showed their willingness to be part of a training that will see the strengthening of the country’s environmental regulatory system.

“This training is part of our ongoing efforts to address some of these challenges. Your presence and interest in accepting our invitation shows your willingness to collectively share responsibility for minimizing various environmental crimes and improving compliance with environmental laws in the various sectors and levels with which you work. »

Minister Sofu urges participants to use this training opportunity to build working relationships and exchange ideas and experiences on best practice solutions to address environmental enforcement and compliance in the country.

The two-day training was very productive with presentations from ECD, the DDP office and the police. There was also a sharing of practical knowledge on compiling reports and processes to help ECD and DDP offices prosecute environmental crimes.

Community members who attended the training workshop acknowledged its importance saying that the knowledge gained from the training will help them better deal with environmental issues that may arise within their communities in the future.

The training ended with the presentation of a certificate to the participants.

-MECDM Press