Edo Government Warns Against Indiscriminate Waste Disposal in Violation of Environmental Laws | The Guardian Nigeria News

The Edo State government has warned against indiscriminate waste disposal and unhealthy practices that violate the state’s existing environmental laws.

Speaking to reporters after inspecting Oregbeni Market, Ikpoba Okha Local Council of the State, Commissioner for Environment and Sustainable Development, Hon. Jonathan Lawani, urged stakeholders to work with the state government to keep the state clean to prevent outbreaks.

The commissioner urged traders to ensure their stores are always clean, adding: “Do not dispose of waste indiscriminately, but be sure to package it properly and place it in designated areas for easy disposal.”

The Head of Local Government Administration (HOLGA), Ikpoba-Okha Local Council Mr. Richard Edenamiegho said the council will ensure that traders and residents abide by Governor Godwin Obaseki’s mandate to keep Edo clean and green.

Oregbeni market manager Mrs. Mary Osemwenkha said the biggest challenge they face is that the waste manager in charge of the market does not regularly dispose of their waste even after paying the monthly utility bills. waste disposal.

She called on the state government to replace the current waste manager for better management.