DG Pak-EPA urges implementation of environmental laws to control floods

ISLAMABAD, September 1 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – September 1, 2022): The Director General of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA), Farzana Altaf Shah, on Thursday stressed the need to implement existing “environmental laws” in the country to control flooding and future problems related to climate change.

In an exclusive talk on the ptv news channel, she said there are good environmental laws that need to be implemented urgently to help the government make environmentally friendly policies and decisions. ‘environment.

“The river valleys in the region are affected by intense flooding every year, causing erosion of floodplains, loss of agricultural sector, adding that flooding and erosion are two permanent problems that have impacted life , the livelihoods and the economy of the country for many years,” she said.

She said these floods are getting more severe and climate change is intensifying day by day, while population growth is also putting more people in areas at risk.

She stressed that all relevant actors, including federal, provincial and local governments, disaster management agencies, non-profit and non-governmental entities, must sit down together and work on a strong national policy against floods.

More than a quarter of a million homes have been destroyed and more than half a million head of cattle, which are a major source of livelihood for local communities, have perished, she said.

DG EPA also calls for the formulation of a strategy that takes into account environmental issues and responds to the challenges of widespread rains and large-scale floods.

Responding to a question, she said that the rehabilitation of flood victims was a great challenge and a collective responsibility of the whole nation.

She also called on philanthropists to come forward and contribute generously to help those affected by the floods.